Memorial Plaque at Entrance to Island Park

Island Park 1890's Tent Camp

Hall of Philosophy

Shorthand institute Chauauqua 1888, Prof. Chas. Fazel standing on left

Trolley Advertising Chautauqua

Trolley Advertising Chautauqua

Chautauqua Dinning Hall

Chautauqua Entrance to Island Park

Island Park, Chautauqua, Light, Albright, Mayers, Kerr, Remerick, "Friggering Up"

Man in center may be William Jennings Bryan at one time was on the program of the Chautauqua Assembly

Stands at the Chautauqua near Hall of Philosophy Island Park 1910

Dinning Hall

Dinning Hall

Private Tents

Ladies Studying at the "The Chautauqua" Note: Baby Carriages, Handbags and Boardwalk.

Dinning Hall at Chautauqua around 1910

Program at The Chautauqua

Tabernacle at Island Park where Chautauquas were held from 1887 to 1924

Estimated 8000 people, 8000 paid admissions the Big Day. Bandshell in background

The Bandshell built in 1910 in Chautauqua Park (Island Park) where Winfield's Chautauquas were held from 1887 to 1924

Reprint of a postcard from the Cowley County HIstorical Society Muesum

Island Park swimming pool, Chautauqua grounds Winfield Kansas

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