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The mission of DewEze is to manufacture high quality products that fill specific market niches. Take a look at the Dew-Eze products at Doll Tire and Auto, Burden, Ks

Bale Beds (400 Series Flatbeds)

Bale Beds 400 Series Flatbeds

DewEze Flatbeds have proven their durability and trouble free performance in livestock operations across the United States.  Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season.  It's hard to find such reliability in anything but a DewEze

How the DewEze Flatbed Works-

First, the hydraulic arms lower to grasp the first bale, then after securing the bale between the two lift arms, the unit lifts the bale to the flatbed. The first bale rests there while the process is repeated for the second bale, which pushes the first bale to the front of the bed. For unloading, the arms work in the same way, unloading one bale at a time, all while the driver is in the comfort of the pickup seat.


MODEL # 475 478 480 482* 485 487
Width 7' 7'8" 7'8" 7'8" 7'8" 7'8"
Length 8'6" 8'6" 9'2" 9'6" 10'6" 11'6"
Weight in Pounds 1800 1850 1900 2000 2135 2270
Lift Cap. in Pounds 2750 2750 2750 2750 2750 2750
Reservoir Cap. 10 10 10 10 10 10
2 Year Warranty** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Fits Chevy trucks with rear mounted fuel tanks.
**Two years on flatbed, one year on hydraulic system.
Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturer.